Agustin & Meli Unleash Awesome.

About Us

2002: Agustin drove a yellow Mini Cooper. Meli drove a blue VW Beetle. It was cuteness at first sight.

2011: Meli & Agustin live in Miami with their two deliciously insane Boston Terriers. Rock N Roll, Art, Design, Beer, Movies, Guitars, Cupcakes, Muscle Cars, Pink Champagne, and unicorns.

The Basics:

Meli changes the lives of Autistic children. She loves to plan parties & events, jams out to 90′s rock, and munches gluten free cupcakes.

Agustin loves the smell of old cameras, cuban pork, vinyl records, and simple design.

This site is about “us”. The story of what we do and how we do it.