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 A very happy Valentine’s Day straight from the Sanchez clan to you!

Not many people find their soulmates at the young age of 21 – I know how lucky I am. I feel even more blessed to be sharing my life with a man like my husband. He is my number one fan, and inspires me on a daily basis to be a better person. After almost 10 years, I still get excited when he walks in the front door, he is still the first person I call when I am happy or sad, and he still makes me laugh on a daily basis. He makes me feel safe, loved and beautiful. He understands me even when I don’t. He sees the real me and still chooses to love me unconditionally. I have no idea what I did to deserve him, but I’m glad I do.

Lately, I’ve decided to celebrate us on a daily basis. We make sure to find the time on weekends to have what we are now calling Meli/Augi days, which is just a silly name for dates. As the years fly by, it’s easy to just fall into the routine and lose the romance and even friendship in a relationship. So although today is an official day of love, we hope ours is still shining strong the other 364 days out of the year as well.

We hope all of you out there have a special day today, but remember, don’t just limit it to today!  Try to celebrate all the good things in your life every day.

This was the second Christmas in our house, and the first year we hosted a Christmas Day dinner. Bouncing around to different houses during the holidays is always a little crazy. We’re hoping that this year started a new tradition, one that can become something people come to look forward to every year.

Below is a holiday video shot with my iPhone. The video got a little wonky during the Christmas Dinner. I think I just had too much stuff on my phone.

4 years later after the wedding & being together, inseparable, for 9 years – it just keeps getting better and better.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.

After a European vacation through three lovely cities, celebrating at home in the comfort of my home was perfection. A thursday night with a giant perfectly cooked steak, mac n cheese, warm rolls and two glasses of wine. Brie and green grapes for dessert. What else could one ask for?

Marriage, for me, has defined my life. My family will be my legacy. Even with all of my other pursuits: my career, my photography, and music – none will surpass what I do in my personal life. Nothing can and nothing will matter more.

That perspective was my greatest moment of clarity from my time away. I strive daily to make and do things that I feel matter, trying to make my mark in the world. It’s something constantly nagging in the back of my brain, a constant reminder to try harder in everything I do.

But with Meli, my wife, it’s effortless. I don’t have to worry to do the right things. They fall into place. I just react and do the things that matter with ease. The desire to be a better human being, to grow and to learn has all stemmed from wanting to be a better partner. My relationship has spurred me to reach for higher branches, to climb those limbs, and better myself. Nothing else in this mortal coil has had the same affect.

So in my search to do greater things, I find that I’m already doing them.
My personal life needs to inform all my other pursuits.

Anything worth a damn will fall into place.
Everything that doesn’t matter, will just slide by the way-side.