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Video is a fairly new thing for us. The biggest struggle we have is 1) having to borrow the camera that shoots video and 2) having to carry around too many cameras and playthings while also enjoying the trip.

Now that the trip was over, I wish we could’ve videotaped the entire thing. But, we have some great clips as is. This next year will hopefully bring both Meli and I DSLR’s that can shoot video, which can help cut down some clutter.

The video follows our trip fairly chronologically, going through Barcelona, London and then Paris. Check out and enjoy the video below.

If you want to watch in HD watch it on Vimeo.

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After a great time in Barcelona, and falling in love with London, Paris had some large expectations to fill. The city is absolutely gorgeous, with one monument leading to the next. Every corner you round has something that takes your breath away.

Vacations are bittersweet, with so much anticipation leading to a trip. But as expected towards the end your mind always looks home. So, tonight we leave on a train back to Barcelona, then flying back to Miami. One last day exploring Paris after we drop our luggage off at the train station. And while Paris wasn’t our favorite of the trip, it definitely was a great place to visit.